TOPTEC - Coat in the Concrete

Introducing a New Generation
of Monolitic Floor Protection

  • 45 years experience
  • Leaders in concrete admixture technology
  • Experts in extreme condition construction
  • Precision of concrete floor tolerance
  • Continuous innovation

Innovation management makes the difference

Merging the expertise of BETRA GmbH in creating mind breaking admixture technologies with many years of practical experience of SealTec Ltd., Israel, a firework of innovations has been ignited in industrial flooring!

The first development´s name is TOPTEC®, a revolution in industrial flooring construction. Now we provide the possibility just by adding only one admixture on site creating an extremely hydrophobic and thus resistant concrete.

TOPTEC® is the first integral impregnating coating available on the market. It cannot and peel off due to UV-light exposure, the hydrophobic action is not removable due to the chemical reaction of TOPTEC with the cement paste.
Reinforcements stay longer in service, since the penetration of water and thus the entry of chlorides is reliably prevented.

Each concrete optimized with TOPTEC® therefore shows a higher resistance against water-based media in comparison to control. Moisture penetration from the back and thus the invisible attack of the concrete are sustainably suppressed; hidden and invisible damages do not even occur.

TOPTEC® optimized surfaces require no waiting period to use. Depending on the mix design regular downtime before use is 24 hours after casting the concrete.

The BETRA-own Silan technology opens tailor-made solutions by altering the formulation if necessary. The performance of TOPTEC® can be adjusted at any time. TOPTEC® is water- and solvent-free.

Currently TOPTEC® is available now ex works BETRA GmbH in common packaging.

Due to the successful introduction of TOPTEC® Generation 1 we commissioned to develop - TOPTEC® 2nd Generation. We target to equip it with some new incredible features and -of course- harmonizing it as a CE-approved system (EN 934-2) also.

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